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VRMX is a partner site for buying and selling rental business, owners and developer properties, marketing contracts and manager promotion. A free memberships site for acquring companies, individuals, estate agents and investors.

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Buying & Selling Short Term Rentals (useful information, pdf)

Using VRMX as an acquirer (buying a rental business, pdf)

Using VRMX as a broker (brokers are invited too, pdf)

Using VRMX as a property developer (lots of businesses seeking developments, pdf)

Using VRMX to sell your private rental/Airbnb (a focussed way to matchmake, buyers and sellers, pdf)

How to create a listing (instructions,pdf)

Regulation Documents

Licensing, taxes and Regulations in Portugal for Short Term Rentals

General Management Documents

Advice and commentary on adopting a PMS

PMS systems are fundamental to the growth and management of a company. Getting tied into the wrong one can be challenging!

Check out the PMS Calculator

Aspiring Manager Growth Checklist with commentary

Growing a management company can be challenging and requires hard work and a focus on many aspects of the business.