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My Getways - New Non-Execs

Richard Vaughton and Craig Jones, noted below have been appointed advisors to My Getaways, an award-winning Brighton short-term rental management company.
My Getways - New Non-Execs

My Getaways, Brighton's leading short term rental management company has appointed two new non-exec's to help with the company growth and future opportunities.

Richard Vaughton and Craig Jones, noted below have been appointed advisors to My Getaways, an award-winning Brighton short-term rental management company with an ambition to increase its local footprint, create outstanding guest experiences and assist even more owners to realise the full potential of their properties.

Shifting Sands

The burgeoning short-term rental market is beginning to polarise more acutely with changing customer demographics and an increased focus on experiences, stay durations, and booking windows. Legislation, travel demographics, seasonal changes, and economic conditions increasingly influence what the public refers to these days as an “Airbnb”.

Never has this been more evident than in some of the UK’s seaside towns, such as Brighton. The town has a vibrant cultural scene close to smaller, quieter villages and towns. As far back as 1840, Brighton became a vital route to the railway industry after building the Brighton railway works, and to this day, through its city-to-Brighton access, is a hybrid rental model. 

Londoners and longer-term leisure travellers frequent the city, not to mention educational support staff and businesses. The continental traveller is also close at hand as a well-known south coast destination and close to the EU ferry ports.

The net effect of this has been that the short-term rental market in and around Brighton is neither urban nor leisure, more a hybrid of both, which requires a different modus operandi to succeed as a management company, catering to both markets operationally in marketing and guest skills.

Professional Management

Professional representation from a company of My Getaways calibre removes the countless issues of DIY renting, keeping its owner clients safe from these ongoing challenges, especially in a hybrid and fluid eco-system.

The current management and team have many skills and experience in running a successful business and are forging ahead with these goals. Craig and I are excited to work closely with the My Getaways team on growth, structuring, culture and strategic opportunities. Already, 2024 is seeing excellent results, and we are honoured to be involved.

Craig Jones: Has built up a small portfolio of properties over many years and has extensive experience in residential and commercial property ownership and property letting. Craig's corporate background includes representing businesses, presenting to large and small audiences, networking, and lobbying politicians at a national and local level. Craig has a successful history as a CEO in strategy creation and execution, business transformation, and development in various sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, construction, and FMCG.

Richard Vaughton (Author): Richard has over 25 years of experience in the short-term rental sector. During his career, he has founded, owned and exited rental management companies with closing on one thousand properties. He is the founder of Rentivo Group, a rental software company that has recently been acquired. He has also held senior contracts with well-known, funded tech and accommodation companies in Saas and multi-family accommodation businesses. Currently a board advisor, working under the Yes Consulting banner, focusing on growth, technology and exit positioning.

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